Vocational education and training (VET)

Erasmus + improves the quality of vocational education and training across Europe providing opportunities for vocational students and trainers to participate in internships and professional programs abroad. It helps the beneficiaries develop strategic partnerships with counterpart institutions and businesses as well. 

Within the Vocational Education and Training sector of the Erasmus+ program vocational students can acquire practical knowledge and training abroad and improve their foreign language skills. The students can practice an internship in a foreign enterprise, public institution or a non-governmental organization as well as at a vocational training center. The programs can last from 2 weeks to 12 months and they are preceded by a foreign language course and cultural immersion.

Potential beneficiaries of the program are students of vocational and technical schools, interns undergoing their professional training, recent graduates who are able to accomplish their educational mobility program abroad within one year since their graduation from an educational institution.

Erasmus + also provides a possibility for foreign participants to learn new skills and methods in their vocation. In addition, the beneficiaries establish contacts and sustaining cooperation with vocational training centers or corresponding institutions abroad.

The program beneficiaries can participate in vocational internship in various enterprises or vocational training centers, undergo job shadowing internships or complete trainings at vocational training centers as well as conduct courses or trainings in foreign partner institutions, including the institutions to which they apply.

The programs last 2 days to 20 months and are meant for the participants preoccupied with vocational and professional training such as: teachers, trainers, internship coordinators in enterprises, professional consultants, study tour coordinators as well as persons responsible for vocational training in public or NGO sectors.

Futurum offers comprehensive vocational and professional training programs addressed to vocational students, trainers as well as higher education students in a wide range of subjects to choose from.

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