Participant experiences

See what our guests say about their experience in Poland

We will publish here the experience and comments of our participants at the end of their stay in Poland.

c“For me, mobility was a unique, unforgettable experience … I learned to use electronic devices and devices to diagnose defects in heat engines, because I am very concerned about finding and finding hidden defects, and how to remedy them such as by the correct use of the compression measuring device for each cylinder, of the vacuum apparatus for checking the tightness of the valves in the cylinder head and the use of the special mill for rectifying the seats in the valves, rectifying and running the valves, setting up the signs of the mechanism. distribution replacing the belt or chain.”
(Forizs Aron Csaba)

“I had new and beautiful experiences during the mobility period in terms of practical training in the field in which I am preparing, as a locksmith providing services. These experiences have made me improve my knowledge and skills regarding welding and machining operations of metallic semi-finished products. What I found most interesting was the way of organizing the activities from the Practical Training Center (CKP) and the architecture of the old city of Wroclaw.”
(Galek Ruben-Ioan)



“During mobility, I learned about organizing the workshop for the maintenance and repair of the thermal engine, the construction of the internal combustion engines, the operation of the internal combustion engines, the dismantling and installation of the engines, the maintenance and repair of the internal combustion engines. I visited the museums and zoo in Wroclaw. I have very beautiful memories and I think the most beautiful city I have visited so far is Krakowia. I met people with whom I understood very well, including the driver I worked with.”
(Brindusan Laurentiu Florin Ioan)

“I learned what a thermal engine is made of. We used devices that were much better than the ones available in school. I had good communication and learned more about the history of Poland. We made friends, and also learned a little English. I learned to use new communication techniques, so now I can do better in a foreign city.”
(Buleria Valeria-Maria-Ioana)

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