Accommodation, depending on the participants’ preferences, budget and length of stay, is provided in hostels, hotels or private apartments in city centre. We organize arrival and departure transfer services (from the airport, train or bus station).

House rules at our hostel

To let us all work for you effectively, please keep in mind the following house rules:

  • when you leave the room, leave your key at the recepetion. If you lose it, it will cost you money 🙁
  • smoking in the building is not permitted. If you wish to smoke, we advice you to give up, as it is not good for your health 🙂 If you, however, keep being tempted to have a smoke, please do it outside of the building.
  • the night rest hours are between 10 PM and 6 AM. Please restrain from partying hard within these hours – other guests may prefer to sleep.
  • laundry: if you plan to get your clothes washed, please go to the reception and ask for a washing bag. Put your stuff in there and leave the bag at the reception in the evening. Your clothes will be clean and nice smelling the following morning.
  • wifi service is available in the whole building, please note the password given by the staff.
  • feel free to use kitchens and bathrooms whenever you want.

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