Step by step

So – what happens when you come?

We start with introductory meeting. You get to know your local coordinator whom you may contact with any issues during your entire stay in Poland.

Furthermore, we present to you the timetable of your internship. You find out how to get to your internship place, when the training takes place, what you should wear etc. We always prepare custom-fitted placement programmes for our trainees; we work according to the Promoter’s instructions and participants’ needs and expectations. To provide you with as good internship as possible, we analyse participants’ professional abilities, knowledge, skills and competencies in order to assure optimal professional training, language course, personal and intercultural development, as well as appropriate personal monitoring and evaluation.

You are given the cards for public transportation from us as well as the information how to use it, where to find the connections and how to plan routes. We give you tips regarding social and cultural events and medical assistance (just in case…). Of course, we ensure 24/7 emergency support, so you can always call us if anything happens.

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